Local Rescues

Striving to provide the best possible care to our animal friends, we became involved in rescue work. If you’re looking to add a new furry addition to your family, we can help. The following groups that we work with, have many animals looking for new homes.

In addition, we work closely with Ottawa County Animal Control on animal cruelty and neglect cases.

Guatemala Shelter

Back in 2002, Dr Jim went to Guatemala to adopt his youngest daughter, Karina. While there, he learned of an animal shelter in Sumpango, Guatemala. This shelter had recently opened a veterinary clinic on the property and was having veterinarians from other countries come to help out. Dr Jim decided that he would like to go one day. Beginning in 2005, Mapleview began sending supplies to the shelter and Dr Jim and staff members began the first of many trips to help out.

Currently, the Mapleview staff visits Guatemala at least twice a year and the number of shelters/rescue groups we assist has grown. We bring supplies, perform spay/neuter clinics; and just simply help out wherever necessary. The groups currently being assisted are: